Friday, August 29, 2003

Alliances, attacks, alcohol, and the size of Selleck's forehead 

We've watched with amusement the "war" between Hugh Hewitt and the Fraters Libertas, or Libertatis (if you listen to the Dictator of Declensions). As a good economist I can certainly understand Lileks' stand, but we'll agree with Mitch that this is a "battle" best left unfought. PowerLine is blissfully silent on all this, and probably getting more hits, guys!

I at first thought if I absolutely had to take sides on this I would of course defend the honor of Minnesota from the western interlopers. Hewitt isn't buttering my bread, after all, and you guys did put me onto Speyburn, for which I am eternally grateful (except for my liver.) But my choice would be tempered by two things:
  1. Vodka beats gin every day. It has curative powers. In Ukraine I worked in a collective with six Ukrainian bankers, one of whom insisted on using 50 grams (think two thin fingers) to ward off anything bad he ate from the bank's cafeteria at lunch. (It leaves no odor on the breath, by the way.) Rather than fu-fu additives you use infusions including buffalo grass (called "hunters' vodka) and ashberry. Ukrainians have a saying: Lemon vodka for when you're sick, pepper vodka for when you're dying. I like dying, from the freezer.
  2. I am having nightmares over the size of Selleck's noggin. Seriously guys, it's scaring me. What the hell is it? The Amazing Craniac?
UPDATE: Hugh offers a settlement in return for an annual cup of Fair Fries. You have good taste, sir!