Saturday, July 26, 2003

Hey commissioner! Look here! 

We have to thank Commissioner Hugh Hewitt for driving about 800 pairs of eyes here over a two-day period. Since I like traffic, let's see if he finds this one. From Academic Questions, Winter 2002/03 issue, here's a blurb on a course that was run at Harvard this spring.
A course in confronting the world:

Come meet a rock star who sings for nonviolence, a CEO who won't move jobs overseas, and a philanthropist who invests in women as peacmakers -- not to mention such important intellectuals as Noam Chomsky, Robert Reich, Lani Guinier, Howard Zinn, and Jonathan Kozol ... All of these individuals wil be interviewed in person ... Additional guests this term include such luminaries as philosopher Peter Singer, economist Juliet Schor, leval scholar Martha Minow, theologian Harvey Cox, literary scholar Elaine Scarry, ethicist Sissela Bok, physician Jennifer Leaning, religion scholar Diana Eck, and psychiatrist Robert Coles. Readings range from major theorists (Peter Berger, Ulrich Beck) to powerful essayinsts (Naomi Klein, Arundhati Roy) ... With occiasional film nights and an optional weekly dinner, "Globalization and Human Values" creates a space in which you can join with others to make sense of, and perhaps change, the world.

The Harvard page for this course is now toned down, but looks like the same theme. The AQ article suggests the course is no longer taught, but the page here would lead you to think it continues. Betcha they read Hardt and Negri (continue to next article.) See Hewitt's article on the ideology of (his) Class of 1978, and see how little has changed.