Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Taranto for the Alliance? 

This morning's OpinionJournal carries an extra feature by James Taranto, who edits the must-read Best of the Web, covering both the James Carroll memo at the LA Times and the ending of the ban on Native American team nicknames at the (red)StarTribune. Taranto makes note of something I did not know before:
Then there's the case of the Cincinnati Reds. In 2001, Star Tribune ombudsman Lou Gelfand announced that the paper was ending its embargo on this team's name, after an alert reader informed him that "Reds" has nothing to do with Indians and is, rather, a shortening of the team's original name, the Red Stockings.
Given that the ban started nine years ago, for how long did the STrib embargo the Cincinnati Reds? And how did my beloved Red Sox avoid the ban?

I mean, just look at these two offensive logos!