Monday, June 09, 2003

Sign of Division 

Division Street is the main thoroughfare through St. Cloud, with a major regional shopping mall on one end, downtown on the other, and the Land of 10,000 Chain Stores in between. Billboards darken the sky, including the one with the suggestive backside I mentioned several weeks ago. Recently Alternatives to War (the Minnesota group -- it appears there's another such organization in New York) has bought a billboard because they feel they are being put upon by being called "unpatriotic". The sign says, "Dissent-- good for democracy; Silence-- good for tyranny; Speak Out." Oversimplification -- good for persuading the stupid. As Jonah Goldberg also wrote in the article I quoted earlier today,
"For every Mandela, Gandhi, or Thoreau there are 1,000 � no, 10,000 � drooling morons, jabbering misfits, and opponents of progress with equal claim to the title "dissenter," "dissident," "protester," "rebel," or "non-conformist." When a group or society is heading in the right direction, the maverick is no hero for telling everyone to turn around."