Tuesday, June 24, 2003

The price of stupidity 

Which of these is stupider?

1.) Chancellor McCormick gets a contract extension through 2007, even though he now gets to preside over a budget cut of $191.5 million which he couldn't get reduced by the Legislature.

2.) MnSCU lays down a blanket prohibition on guns on campus. I assume this means we'll have signs saying this area is safe for illegal gunholders to inflict damage on others ... except in parking lots.
We feel strongly about protecting people on our campuses, and we will continue to monitor the effects of the new state law and our policy," Board Chair Mary Choate said.

Under the new state law, visitors on college or university property are allowed to carry pistols if the visitor has a permit, but all other firearms are prohibited.

So a visitor can have a gun, but I can't. Um, yeah, Mary, thanks a lot. Can't wait to see you as a human shield.

3. From the St. Cloud Times, June 20th: (due to brain-dead archiving, SCTimes links tend to go dead quickly)
Locally, St. Cloud State University President Roy Saigo recently received an extension to his initial three-year contract, which would have ended June 30.

Saigo, 62, received a raise to his $169,000 annual salary, university spokeswoman Lisa Helmin Foss said. The raise was a percentage of his salary. That number was unavailable Thursday evening.

Saigo's two-year extension will begin July 1 and end June 30, 2005. Saigo has been president of MnSCU's largest school for almost three years.

His $169,000 is about at the top end of the highest level of compensation for university presidents. The Chancellor's latest plan has added steps for presidents (compare it to the previous one), so it's possible for Roy to get up over $200,000. So the top dog gets more milkbones while managing us into a fiscal crisis. It's probably a bounty for pursuing mascots.