Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Posters as public property 

Mike Adams is his jovial self in this discussion of women's studies programs. He also makes a good point about the use of university funds.
I think that it was probably a mistake when you decided to hang posters around campus in protest of the Ludacris concert. I don't question your general right to hang posters but, instead, your specific choice in this instance. I am referring to one that you created which shows a woman kicking a man in the face in an apparent show of women's "empowerment." While mine is only one opinion, I think that others will agree that such a poster could actually promote the view of feminists as "ridiculous man-hating lesbians."

I was also disappointed that you paid for the posters with university funds. I also don't think it was wise to print "brought to you by the Women's Resource Center" on the bottom of the poster. The Center should combat misogyny, not promote mrogyny. Think about it.

Professor Adams indicates in his byline that "He is available to speak on college campuses if situated at least 200 yards from the Women's Studies Department and provided with a bulletproof vest." Particularly with our new CCW law, I suppose we'd better. If you read this, Prof. Adams, consider yourself invited. {Hat tip: Critical Mass.}