Saturday, June 14, 2003

I will learn PhotoShop, I will learn PhotoShop, I will... 

James Lileks, the Mullah of Culture of the Northern Alliance, has moved to the front page of the Saturday Variety section (he had been on page 2), and invites readers to doodle with his face.
Go to,"download" the picture from the Backfence site, and abuse it. Give me horns. A mustache. Big wet puppy eyes, a full-facial Maori tattoo, a nose stud, I don't care. In fact, the less the final product looks like me, the happier I'll be. (Note: This is not a sneaky way for me to satisfy my curiosity about what I'd look like with breasts. Keep them clean, please.) There are a few different poses you can use. Submit as many as you like, and we'll run them in place of the real picture.
Mitch drew up a picture of us using the template on the left index. Here it is, and we offer it as one possibility for a Saturday mugshot for James. (He's in the secret square.)

We haven't used it yet on the index due to protest from the Fraters that the image does not befit a bunch of Minnesotan bloggers, but its applicability here is too sweet to refuse.