Friday, April 18, 2003

Putting your eggs in every basket 

We continue to see increased enrollment by minority students in the University of California system, says this article from the San Francisco Chronicle. Applications are at record highs. Yet all anyone can focus on is the number of students of color declining at UCLA and Berkeley.
Berkeley student Ronald Cruz, an organizer for a pro-affirmative action group called BAMN, said the latest figures from Berkeley and UCLA showed "growing resegregation . . . as black, Latino and Native American students are tracked to less prestigious schools. This is unacceptable in an increasingly diverse state like California."

Berkeley's director of undergraduate admissions, Pamela Burnett, said, "As the more competitive campuses become more competitive, it will be more difficult for under-represented students to be admitted in ever larger numbers than they are now."

Note that overall admissions are up, and nobody says anything about the other six UCs, just the elite two (and frankly, there's not much wrong with the other six). So why do we care that they sort evenly over all eight institutions? Is there anyone who cares whether they'll be successful? (First link courtesy Betsy's Page.)