Wednesday, April 09, 2003

How can one satirize this? 

The campus liberals are at it yet again. This is perhaps a lot to post, but it might be valuable for people off campus to see how screwey things really are here and what their tax money is going for. Cripes, who would have guessed back in the old days when universities educated students that it would come to this. By the way, this was on the faculty announcement list, where the local chapter of the Associaiton of Scholars was criticized for being too "political" for announcing a meeting on traditional scholarship. Sigh.

SCSU Faculty and Staff: You are invited to WILD WEEK to experience and discuss a number of new videos, excellent speakers, and events during this week. I hope you will announce these to your classes, email them to others, and join us as we consider global issues of peace, justice, and the earth. We are also very supportive of the Hate Crimes Awareness Week and MECha events. Julie Andrzejewski

W.I.L.D. WEEK: World Issues/Local Dimensions

Peace, Justice, and the Earth!


Mike Chouinard spinnin' progressive tunes for KVSC 10:30-1 Atwood Mall

Campus Premiere of Wrestling with Manhood 12-2 N. Voyageurs

Panelists: Ilia Rodriguez, Marjie Fish, Roya Akhavan-Majid, Charles Derry, Tamrat Tademe, John Zimmerman, Ali Linman, Karen Fritz, Jamie Toenyan

Media Violence: How Are You Being Entertained? Wrestling with Manhood shows how the World Wrestling Federation encourages violence, sexism, homophobia, and sexual assault.

Media Analysis of Gulf War II 12-2 Atwood Kiosk

Watch and compare the differing coverage of the war in Iraq between Al Jazeera and US corporate owned media Presenters: Haider Lajami, Manaf Bashir from the Arab Student Organization

Killing to Dying: The Consequences of War 3-5:15 N. Voyageurs

Presenters: Hal Kimball, Chris Lavone, and Bri Duffy
Local Veterans present information on gulf war syndrome and the serious consequences for Gulf War veterans. We will inform the public about service member�s options (conscientious objection).


The Corporate Connection � Money and Politics 11-12 Sauk
Campus Premiere of Counting on Democracy

Presenters: Karla Mock, Heidi Pelke, Michelle Dick
Who really won the 2000 presidential election? Does your vote really count? The new documentary, Counting on Democracy, exposes illegal actions behind the 2000 presidential elections.

America Behind Bars 12-1 Watab

Panel: Michael Davis, Jessica Benning, Libby Luther, Jessica Wagner, Kristi Van Pelt, Justin Cappola
Why does the United States have more people in prison per capita than any other country in the world?
Who is in prison and who is benefiting?

Cruelty Free Grill Out: Do You LOVE Animals? Then Don�t Eat Them! 11-1 MALL
Come taste a free veggie burger and learn about the inhumane practices on factory farms!
Organized by Carly Sullivan, Rachael Dye, Jessica Appelholm, Tessa Loken

Are YOUR Clothes Made from SWEATSHOPS? 11-12:15 Atwood Mall

Bring your clothes from Wal-Mart, Tommy Hilfiger, The Gap, Old Navy, Disney, Limited, Guess, or Nike and DONATE THEM to Catholic Charities. Sign a Petition to Stop university LOGO clothes made in sweatshops!

PEACE: War is NOT the Answer!!! 1-2 Atwood Mall

Presenters: Bianca Rhodes, Dana Hendricksen, Michael Adamski, Hal Kimball, Bri Duffy, Angie Witte
Join multiple student organizations in solitdarity to protest US Imperialism and war as the answer to our problems. We will show how war has an adverse impact on multiple facets of society

H2O= How 2 Organize Change Locally for Water 2-3:15 Atwood Mall
3:30-5 Atwood Kiosk
Panel: Brooke Johnson, Jill Polasek, Shawn Stafford, Nate Neil, Kay Bagley
Less than 1% of fresh water is left on the earth and it is being polluted and wasted more each day. Come learn what you can do.

Campus Premiere - Paying the Price: The Killing of Iraqi Children 4-5:30 Watab

Panel: Tony Ascheman, Travis Hahn, Carly Nesseth, Jerry Oehler and Michael Chudzik..
Award winning filmmaker John Pilger reveals the hidden side of sanctions imposed on Iraq by the UN and the horrifying and irreversible effect on the Iraqi people, especially children, over the last ten years.


Media Violence: How Harmful Is It? 10-11:30 S. Voyageur

Presenters: Lee LaDue, Tamara Hennes-Vix, Holly Heitkamp, Amber Norcutt, Nate Matthews
Highlighting the effects of extreme violence in video games, movies, and television. Video excerpts and discussion.

Global Poverty: Actions against Slavery, Sweatshops & Third World Debt
Campus Premiere of Sweating for a T-Shirt 1-3:30 Lady Slipper

Presenters: McKayla Kroll, Jamie Hudelson, Cory Johnson, Dana Zwetow, Nicole Armstrong, Sara Berscheit, Darcee Jendro

Need money? Now Hiring! Starting wage at $.05 an hour. Imagine the endless possibilitites with this salary. Come check out our active expos� on slavery, sweatshops, Third World Debt.


Award-winning video The Witness, a miracle of change 10-11 Mississippi

Discussants: Rachel Dye, Jessica Appelholm, Tessa Loken, Carly Sullivan,
What happens to the animals whose skin you wear? What feelings do they have? What intelligence? What pain and cruelty do they experiences? Why don�t we know? The transformation of a tough Brooklyn contractor.

Campus Premiere of Afghan Massacre: Convoy of Death 11-12:20 Mississippi

Eyewitnesses tell what happened when Afghan prisoners were sealed in containers on their way to a prison. What was the role of U.S. Special Forces in this atrocity?

Toxic Sludge is Good for You! 12:30-2 Mississippi

Can you believe the NEWS? This video exposes the multi-billion-dollar propaganda industry and how it controls political debates and public opinion to thwart democracy.

Global AIDS Awareness with Coming to Say Goodbye 2-3:15 Watab

Presenters: Abiodun Adeboye, Veronica Gaidelis, Nikki Milazzo
Why does AIDS affect 28 million people in southern Africa, far more than any other population in the world? What are the reasons little is being done to stop this terror? What actions need to be taken NOW?

Toxic Food: Poison on Your Plate 2-3:15 Lewis & Clark
Diet for a New America

Panelists: Natasha Anderson, Desiree Tiffany
The American diet can kill you. There is a simple solution to many serious health problems: A DIET FREE OF ANIMAL PRODUCTS! Planners: Kim Wheelock, Kami Davis, Shannon Mokita


Global Feminism: An International Women's Panel 4-5:30 Little Theatre

Join us as we explore race, class, gender and national origin from multiple cultural perspectives!
Guest Speakers: Karen Flynn (Professor, Women�s Studies), Cha Vang (Hmong Student), Bianca Rhodes (African-American Student), Angie Witte (Korean-American Student), Saima Hassan (Student from the UAE ), Maria Bernabe (Student from Peru), Ayako Mochizuki (Student from Japan)

Nuclear politics in Minnesota -- What you need to know 7-8:30 Atwood Little Theatre

Guest Speaker: George Crocker, North American Water Office, life long activist on environmental and energy issues, challenging powerlines, and nuclear waste.

Learn what energy companies have planned for Nuclear Energy, and where NSP is planning on storing its Nuclear waste. What are the renewable energy alternatives?

Sponsored by: The Social Responsibility Program, Dept. of Human Relations & Multicultural Education, Alternatives to War Committee, Arab Student Association, African Student Association, OPAA, People Uniting for Peace, Student Coalition Against Racism, SCSU Green Party

For more information, contact: Julie Andrzejewski

or Ayako Mochizuki