Monday, February 03, 2003

No dogs or soldiers allowed inside 

My note the other day on the Women and War presentation led to some discussion. Dear friend Dick Winzer sent along this note, probably not directly related to my post, but I think it bears on it well. Reprinted unedited with permission.
There seems to be a disdain towards not just the military as an entity, but individually towards those who serve. A return of the No dogs or soldiers allowed inside . A normal 18 year old would never consider the benefits and advantages of being a veteran. The perspective seems to indicate that only failures or social misfits feel the need to heed Uncle Sam's call . The thought that their own sons and daughters would even consider joining the military -- would somehow indicate an abject failure as a parent. I get the feeling these folks wouldn't object to their little Chip or Muffy attending a Free the convicted cop-killer Mumia rally, but would shit biscuits if they found a ROTC brochure in the kids room.

I have witnessed the pursed lips and narrowed eyes directed at kids in uniform waiting for flights at the airports. And the absolute shock on those same kids faces when you offer them a burger or cup of coffee while they wait. Apparently kindness from strangers toward those in uniform is so rare & unexpected that it is shocking and somewhat frightening.

How freaking sad is that.
Very sad indeed.