Friday, February 28, 2003

A new use for advancement 

Stephen at Cold Spring Shops writes about a diversity workshop being put on at his campus for "department chairs". (I have always followed Walter Williams on this and insist on being called chairman; proof of my "chairmanness" available upon request.) But what is fascinating here is the last line of the memo, "Sponsored by Office of the Provost and Pepsi Cola General Bottlers, Inc." Ka-ching!

We've sold our entire campus' soda franchise to the local Pepsi bottler, and the Coke bottler no longer gives to SCSU (they used to.) Here's a great opportunity for branding, folks! "This seven-hour mandatory workshop brought to you by a piss-poor consent decree, Coca-Cola, and the letter D!"

Maybe instead Budweiser? I mean, if they just want us to say "True" to whatever they tell us...