Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Part of our bad press

A faculty member of color asked why we were unable to recruit more students of color from the Twin Cities. Well, atop our own faculty mailing letters to counselors telling them to keep minority students away, the black press is quoting the bogus Nichols report and drawing conclusions. In a Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder article titled "Pressure Builds over St. Cloud State Racism", blame is laid on the city of St. Cloud.

[Roger] Banks [with the Minnesota Council on Black Minnesotans] said part of the school�s problem was the surrounding community, which he said was not a welcoming environment for people of color. �This is a community with a lot of strong values,� he said. �And those values include racism.�
MCBM held a forum here a month or so ago and not many people attended aside those who wanted to air complaints, and from this they draw conclusions. Perhaps they should work for Nichols.