Monday, December 02, 2002

Nichols and dimes

The StarTribune finally gets around to its take on the Nichols report (reported earlier three weeks ago.) Once again, our president is absent from the article, relying instead on the provost who wasn't here before. There's still mention of the president installing a new team (not one of the vice presidents here when he was hired remains now). The rest isn't really new except for this quote at the end of the article from the provost:

The issues are serious, he said, but "we don't want to lose sight of the fact that we provide our students with a phenomenally good education. We just need to overcome issues that students bring to the campus and, in some cases, faculty and staff bring from their home environments."
What does this mean? Re-education? Not everyone coming to SCSU comes with the same worldview, and I'd sure like to think they don't leave with the same, either. Remember: We're a public university, meaning we're a government school. The Founding Fathers were right to argue that the state should not mandate a religion; nor should it mandate adherence to a belief system of any -ism.