Monday, December 30, 2002

FIRE tackles bans on Christian fellowship groups 

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education is helping challenge two universities that have insisted that Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship chapters must allow non-Christians to be officers in their IVCFs. At both Rutgers and North Carolina, administrators asked for changes in the IVCF by-laws or else they would lose their recognition as student organizations, thus barring them from using university resources including meeting rooms. This clearly goes against the recent Boy Scout case, claims FIRE, along with other precedents in the treatment of public universities. As Alan Kors, FIRE's president, stated,
Everyone on campus would immediately see the absurdity of such a requirement if an evangelical Christian who believed homosexuality to be a sin tried to become president of a university�s �Bisexual, Gay, and Lesbian Alliance.� The administration would have led candlelight vigils on behalf of diversity and free association. At Rutgers and UNC, however, some groups are more equal than others. There is an unspeakable double standard toward believing Christians. It must end now.