Tuesday, December 10, 2002

And wait! There's more!

Add to this, Dave, that in the open meeting with the Chancellor's Office today that we were told the decision to settle the anti-Semitism case was made at the local level, not by the AG's office. It was said by two different people, and the subject of your pop quiz was present. (Please note: I could not be there due to student appointments, but I received this information from two sources at the meeting.)

That proves my previous hypothesis wrong -- that the settlement was imposed by the attorney general or MnSCU. I simply did not want to believe that we caved in. But it also means the obnoxious conduct sanctions -- including mandatory diversity training, gutting the Affirmative Action office, etc., -- are the result of local decision-makers, most likely the university president. Two of the three plaintiffs are no longer on campus; it seems farfetched to think they gained value from asking for these sanctions. Faculty and staff had better start thinking: Why would Administration want this? Perhaps this explains the union's statement distancing itself from diversity training as being not their idea.