Saturday, November 09, 2002

To a workshop or to HURL?
CantWatch reports in a series of articles about the University of North Carolina taking diversity training into the classroom. It's already happened here, and its effects can be seen in this letter from a HURL student in our campus newspaper (scroll to second letter down; reminder, link requires free registration).
I am glad MGM ["mulitcultural, gender and minority" --kb] courses are mandatory here at SCSU, and should be elsewhere. Understanding the roots of oppression is vital. As a white male, I experience white privilege. I had no idea of such a concept before I attended SCSU. I had always seen oppression through my own eyes, and having privilege distorts that image. Having had professors like Julie [Andrzejewski], Tamrat [Tademe], Jesse Benjamin, and Gary Cheeseman, I have been able to see multiple sides of oppression.
Except for one.