Sunday, November 03, 2002

Professors ask where the young pacifists have gone
This article (courtesy of Instapundit) reflects the lack of interest students have in the faculty trying to whip up interest in the No War on Iraq movement. We've seen many signs for rallies here at SCSU, but like the newspapers at Lehigh and Lafayette, there's been little whipping up of sentiment against the war among students. Indeed, Justin Byma has an article in support of the Bush Doctrine in last Friday's university paper. (Link requires registration.) And the last article really critical of US foreign policy is this one criticizing the War on Drugs' infringment on free trade with Canada.

According to one editor with whom I spoke, the paper is getting complaints about its conservatism. That hardly seems justified. Byma is the only student who is really conservative on the staff; is it their fault that the only pro-Democrat letter they get has to come from the state party chair (second letter)?