Wednesday, November 20, 2002

More on the CUNY debate

Eugene Volokh at The Volokh Conspiracy is following this up quite nicely here and here. From the first post:

I should stress that (1) this is only one side of the story, (2) tenure disputes can be notoriously complex to sort through, with lots of factual issues that aren't going to be described in any newspaper article, and (3) the internal university appeals system has not yet run its course, and might lead to the result being changed.
Certainly so, yet you end up watching tenure reviews that go wrong being hidden behind this confidentiality even after the internal appeals process has carried out. If KC Johnson, the fellow under tenure review (a Tsongas-style Democrat and it turns out a Mainer, so he's a soul brother as far as I'm concerned) doesn't get tenure he can scream foul, and the university will tell us nothing out of concern for confidentiality of personnel matters. I agree we don't want a rush to judgement, but at some point when it's time to judge we will nevertheless operate under "the fog of tenure war".