Wednesday, November 20, 2002

How we mimic Harvard Law
John Hinderaker (a.k.a. "Hindrocket") at PowerLine (my favorite Minnesota politics blog since they evoke the great name of Claremont!) has a piece on the Harvard Law controversy that Dave mentioned earlier. His first paragraph, outlining the means by which these things blow up, is scarily like what happens here.
On the whole, this appears to be a pretty typical example of the dialectic that has played out at countless universities across the country. First, someone says or does something that is arguably offensive; ... Second, an organized victims' grievance group--here, the Black Law Students' Association--purports to be shocked at the awfulness of it all, and says the school's administration is responsible because it hasn't done enough to indoctrinate students or limit their speech rights. And third--here is the critical step--the administration responds in the only way it knows how, by appointing a committee (stocked with members of the complaining group) to assess ways of enhancing diversity, etc., at the school.
Gives me the willies!