Thursday, October 03, 2002

 I've been reading the Chronicle article on the magazines in Atwood. It's yet another of those things that don't seem possible on a university campus, but are sadly true. "Cosmopolitan" is now the sort of thing that women shouldn't have to look at? They question if it's the university's responsibility to "protect" students from such images. Lord. These kids have been going past the Victoria's Secret's windows in the Mall since they could walk, they've seen several hundred movies with very explicit sex acts, they see a tv world full of sitcoms with explicit situations, and yet they are too gentle to see the cover of "Cosmopolitan."
The plus here is that there is nothing we could do or say that would make it more clear to students what idiots these people are than what they are doing themselves. I don't think we have to say much more; the pol-cor folks have followed the flaws in their philosophy to the extreme that makes it clear to everyone but them what a bizarre philosophy they are locked in to. Let's not say much more; let's just smuggle a copy of the Sears catalogue on campus and let them show how offended they are by the underwear ads.
How do we get this story to the folks at Cosmopolitan. They would think it's a hoot, and we might get even more national publicity for SCSU.