Monday, October 21, 2002

Jack makes a very good point when he states that " I don't really think the Old Left really wants to win anything. This stuff is just masterbatory: they get to carry a few old signs and sing some old songs and feel enormously good about themselves and vastly superior to the rest of humanity."

After a number of years of listening to the same chorus of protesters (complainers?) at SCSU, a professor of color helped me "see the light." His comment (which is paraphrased due to memory loss over the years) was that "we need to remember that for many, they no longer care about the cause...they only care about the battle." BINGO. I think it is very evident who (within the social justice/human relations SCSU community) are only professoinal protesters and who are those who want to be real problem-solvers. Unfortunately, those who only seek to cause havoc without solutuions tarnish the legitimate voices within the social justice group. In fact, not only do they tarnish the reputation of all within the social justice community, they even intimidate their own in order to "control the message." While at SCSU a faculty member who fits under the social justice umbrella shared with me that he/she was severely chastized by the more vocal wheel-spinning protesters for voicing a more moderate opinion on the SCSU listserv. Fortunately, I think the shrill voices of protesters without rational/logical problem-solving behaviors are on the wane at SCSU.....its about time.

Kevin McGrew (ex-APSY faculty member of 9 years)