Thursday, October 10, 2002

In case you missed it, TownHall ran a series of articles by Thomas Sowell on the research on race and IQ. It was a three part series: Here is Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. He summarizes the problems so well. In the concluding piece he writes:
Nowhere else in the world was such a literature of justification of slavery produced as in the antebellum South, because nowhere else was slavery under such sustained attack. An especially virulent racism arose to try to justify slavery, and this racism lasted long after slavery itself was gone.

That history and its painful consequences are undeniable. But, in a world where whole nations have in effect raised their IQs by 20 points in one generation, it is time for black "leaders" and white "friends" to stop trying to discredit the tests and get on with the job of improving the skills that the tests measure.

A number of black schools, even in rundown ghettos, have already reached or exceeded national norms on tests, so there is no question that it can be done. The question is whether it will in fact be done, on a large enough scale to change the abysmal educational results in too many predominantly black schools.

And still the people from District 742 are mailing me how wrong I am about testing, when in fact the data can support so much good to say about some schools.