Wednesday, October 16, 2002

I just finished skimming the current issue (Vol 31,7, October 2002) of the Educational Researcher, THE newsletter publication of the American Educational Research Association. On page 58 I found an add for the Center for Anti-Oppressive Education (CAOE). Based on my past battles with those who place themselves under the broad "social justice" umbrella at SCSU, many who seem to only subscribe to an oppressive model of human relations, I thought it was worth a peek. Although I have only begun to skim the material at the CAOE web page, I found it interesting that the director has published in such scholarly digs as the Educational Researcher, the Review of Educational Research, and Harvard Educational Review. seems that being a scholar and social justice advocate are not orthogonal ideas. How refresshing. On the surface, the director of the CAOE seems a cut above many of the social justice "scholars" at SCSU who seem to prefer (a) Rhetoric over Reason, (b) Evisceration of alternative views over rational Evaluation of ideas, (c) Damage to the professsional reputations of those with whom they disagree over DATA, and (d) to give many excuses for being unable to publish.

I have NO idea if this is a legitimate source or if it may just be another voice among the choir of modern day McCarthyites. But it does look like a site folks should be aware of. I would like to suggest that the "scholars" of social justice at SCSU check out this site in an effort to provide a more scholarly foundation to their political or scholarly agendas. It looks like the center (which may just be one scholar) is willing to provide mentoring/editiorial review services to scholars of anti-oppressive education who seek to publish in this field (See the quote from the web page below).

It was always my hope (that was never realized) that the SCSU social justice crowd would base their arguements and positions on a more evidence-based foundation. I for one would have enjoyed spirited evidence-based or theoretically-organized discourse with those with whom I disagree. Like many I know at SCSU (some who are members of this blog), we all welcome the exchange of long as the exchange is among a true community of scholars.

I would like to request that someone from this blog cross-post this message to the SCSU list on my behalf. Kind of like a voice "out of the past."

Kevin "still proud to be a member of the old SCSU APSY Dept" McGrew

Note: the following text comes from the CAOE web page.

Conducting and publishing research on anti-oppressive education are of critical importance. Yet, such research does not often receive adequate support in educational communities. While some researchers have ample resources to support the development and dissemination of their research, others do not. The Center for Anti-Oppressive Education addresses this inequity by creating opportunities for researchers to receive various forms of editorial support for their research.

CAOE will arrange for experienced researchers, editors, and/or reviewers to provide constructive, detailed feedback to researchers on manuscripts that they wish to revise and submit to journals for possible publication. Researchers in the field of anti-oppressive education--from novice graduate students to experienced faculty members--are invited to arrange for this service.