Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Thank you for the invitation to join this group. Can someone tell me more about the membership? How many folks from SCSU are members of this "blog"?

Pardon the simple question, but what the heck is a "blog."

Random thoughts:
--Thor Halvorsen (sp?) from FIRE was on Hardball with Chris Mathews this evening.
--It seems that FIRE is getting noticed by the national press

Question: How can can an ex-professor, who resigned from SCSU in protest due to the rampant neo-McCarthyism, contribute to this blog and the battle for the integrity of academic freedom, scholarship, and standards at SCSU.

Although I'm no longer on campus, my heart and mind have never left the struggle in the trenches at SCSU. You folks are fighting a noble cause. As someone who now is affiliated with a major university and who has a private office in the heart of the St. Cloud business community, you would NOT believe how the radical liberal behavior on the SCSU campus is viewed. Actually....you would believe it. These "real world" folks laugh at the absurdity of much of what happens on the SCSU campus. Unfortunately, they tend to lump all professors into the same camp and think you are all out of touch. The real world folks outside of SCSU could be a real allies in the war against the radical left on SCSU....