Tuesday, September 17, 2002

King is being gentle. Those "acting unilaterally" are "Masterbators for Peace," a site worth visiting. A hoax, surely, but more bizarre than all that Iraqi blood soaking American hands? (Don't those in the bizarre Left ever change their metaphors? Blood-soaked hands worked pretty well in about 1967, but it's worn badly since then.) Or consider this, which was on the Best of the Web from OpinionJournal.com (an arm of the Wall Street Journal) on tuesday, Aug. 13:

"Political Juggling Act"

Boy, you knew eventually it had to happen, didn't you. Someone had to take a perfectly nice pastime like juggling and turn it into an occasion for politically correct idiocy. Check out the Web site for--we're not making this up--"Jugglers Against Oppression: The Mission of Jugglers Against Oppression is to educate St.Cloud State University students and community members about different forms of oppression that exist in our community. Members incorporate into juggling performances their experiences and view on homophobia, racism, sexism, ableism, classism, ageism, gender oppression, biphobia and other forms of discrimination and oppression. Anyone and everyone with an open mind is welcome to juggle and share experiences. Non-Jugglers are welcome."
We've never heard of "biphobia." What is it, fear of the number two?

Note that Opinionjournal is a Top-100 visited sites on the web.

So...:blood-soaked hands," ..."Jugglers Against Oppression"...Masterbators for Peace" Which is more bizarre than the other?