Monday, September 16, 2002

Addendum to the rally story: The campus newspaper provides additional coverage. (University Chronicle needs a proofreader badly.) One of the speakers, running as a Green for the state legislature, throws out this:

"If we end poverty in the world, if we give everybody a fair shake on equal opportunities (there will be less terrorism). We simply take from them (other countries) and bring it all here and then we end up destroying their environment."

Give them your stuff or they'll become terrorists. Sounds like the short road to surrender there, pal. We don't take from them, we trade with them. See a difference? In one case, we try to persuade them by offering them something of value. In the other case, 2800 innocent people die and we get a 16 acre hole in the ground. To the Greens, the first thing justifies the second.

"I think we need to cut $60 billion out of the military budget to use to end poverty. Starting with clean water in Iraq. We could end poverty in five years." Well, that was tried -- it's called the World Bank. If this guy would read William Easterly's new book, you'd find out it doesn't work. Giving Saddam $60 super-size is going to make him love the Kurds? And not take money from bin Laden? Does Green describe what this guy eats or smokes?